Rescue your P&L
from an uncertain
supply chain

Cheffer helps F&B hospitality leaders tame an unpredictable supply chain to maintain profitability per-plate

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The go-to procurement expert our customers love

"Cheffer's cost control tool was vital in explaining our food cost and looking for alternatives.

Cheffer helped Globōl find new suppliers in a way that was cost effective and time efficient.

Thank you ✌️"

Chef Paramdeep Singh
Globōl Restaurants


Services to drive operational excellence
in hospitality F&B

Risk alerts & mitigation

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Birds-eye view across multiple concepts

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Compliance alignment

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No more scrambling for last-minute alternatives

Cheffer’s platform analyzes foodservice purchasing data to identify potentially costly exposures.

Protect your operation with multi-layer contingency planning to proactively sources alternatives to mitigate the risks.


Bird's-eye view across your concepts

Cheffer specializes addressing the unique challenge of supporting multiple menu concepts each with diverse purchasing needs all while balancing centralized cost management considerations.

We work with hospitality groups, hotels, caterers, and other foodservice businesses.


Organizational alignment towards compliance

Purchasing goals may start with management, but they must be executed by the operators.We believe this is that compliance is best achieved though clear communication and goal alignment.

Cheffer's platform allows for management and operators a seamless way to communicate their purchase considerations - from rebate incentives, to product quality.

Your solution to a chaotic supply chain

Your P&L no longer needs to take the damage from supply chain uncertainty - let us show you how.